Having an Affair When Both People Are Married

We have different kinds of affair with different motives. Some men just want to have sex any time they want and their wives isn’t always there for that purpose. So, their only option is to have one-night-stand affair or emotionless affair with no strings attached. Don’t be fooled, some one-night-stand affairs. have led to problems in marriage.

Digressing a little bit! Some people are just out there with the sole purpose to destroy your marriage and have something for themselves. Don’t be fooled, they give you whatever you want just to get what they want from you.

Another very common kind of affair out there is an affair between two married people. Marriage is a full time job and it is forever. It comes with a lot of commitment and sacrifice. You wanted to get married and so you did. I don’t think anybody still forces anyone to get married anymore. May be it used to happen before but not anymore. You made that choice before uttering the words “I do” at your wedding ceremony. Why then do married people still have affairs outside their marriage? This is the question that rings in my mind every time.

Don’t get me wrong! I am not saying married people having affairs with others are horrible people. I know better not to judge people. I mean, who am I to be the judge but just curious. Out of curiosity and inquisitive personality, I have sought to inquire about what it is like to have an affair while married and its effects.

Does it end well or not?

No offence but I don’t think any bad act ends well. Let’s be frank with ourselves. However, I have to realized that people don’t do things because of the consequences. This mystery still remains unsolved for quite a while. You know quite all right that this thing is bad and could kill you but you still do it having the consequences in mind.

One thing you should know is that an affair between two married people can end in two ways.

Both affair partners were happily married before right? Most times, you are in a relationship because you probably got carried away. One of the partners might realize what is at stake and go back to the spouse to continue with his/her marriage leaving the other hanging. I have a friend who was initially happily married with a beautiful woman.

As a matter of fact, I was present at his wedding. After a few years into marriage, they couldn’t give birth at all. Then, he started seeing someone else who was also married. He couldn’t even say exactly how the relationship started. “They just hit it off”,so he said. It got to a point the woman he was having an affair with couldn’t bear the guilt and had to tell her husband. She also advised him to tell his wife. They both came out plain but their partners didn’t take the message in the same way. The husband of the woman was ready to take her back and she had too because she loved her husband and children.

On the other hand, my friend’s wife wanted a divorce because he hurt her feelings and she couldn’t be with him again leaving my friend hanging. He lost on two ends.