How to Have An Affair?

Having an affair could be a really bad thing, but what is the point of doing something bad and not still doing it right? Anything worth doing at all is worth doing well. As marriage has some rules that mustn’t be broken, so also having an affair also comes with some rules. If you break them, well, you will have to reap the consequences.

I’ve never really been a fan of married people that cheat but I figured out that it could happen to anybody since nobody is perfect in any sense. Just feel a little sad when people are trying to cheat and they still don’t know how to go about it. So, this article stands to enlighten you on how to have an affair.

Let’s dive in!

I think before getting to play a game you have to know the rules. You have to learn the rules. That’s takes us to, “Rules of having an affair”.


I figured if you don’t know or learn the rules, you might never be good at it. I feel a little horrible teaching people how to cheat on their spouses. But we are just having fun right? Just helping you to cheat better and avoid destroying your marriage. Everyone is happy!

#1 Keep The Relationship Simple!

When having an affair you have to keep your relationship simple. You have to be accountable for where you have been or gone. Always have an excuse, for your absence. Nothing complicated, just give simple excuses and nothing suspicious.

For instance, you know your wife hates going somewhere, you could make that your excuse such that you have some time alone with your affair partner.

#2 Put Nothing In Writing

I am going to have to lay some emphasis on this a little bit. Put nothing in writing, I mean nothing!!! NO LOVE NOTES, NO TEXT MESSAGES, Nothing!!! When you write messages to your affair partner, there is a tiny chance that someone will find out. You will be lucky if it’s your friends and not your wife or children. Leave no traces that will lead to you getting caught.

#3 No Picture Policy

This is yet another important issue that must be taken into consideration. You have to protect yourself and family. Avoid taking pictures with your affair partner just to keep everything discreet and quiet. Remember, leaving no traces! So, no pictures at all.

#4 No Credit Card

When having an affair, you know quite alright that you are going to go out a couple of times. Avoid using credit cards, the last thing you want is a paper trail. Another alternative to that is getting a new credit card. Well, this will work until your wife notices you have a new credit card. Then, you have to answer to that question, why did you get a new credit card?

#5 Let People Know

Let your family know about partner, that he/she is a very good friend. Such that your wife trusts you with her or vice-versa. Let them know but not the entire truth. Just hiding in plain sight. She could be your very good doctor, if she is a doctor or any other story that will seem true and not suspicious.

#6 No Physical Trace

Always make use of condoms to avoid any trace or physical evidence. You just finished having sex with your affair partner as a woman, there is no possible way you can act that he won’t be suspicious. You have to have sex with him but if there were traces of another man's sperm, then there might be a problem.

Having known and learnt about the five rules of an affair, then you can successfully have an affair without getting caught.