Being in a relationship with someone special takes a lot of commitment, determination and affection. You have to care for the person, be there for them when they are down and so on. Well, relationships come in stages. It doesn’t just start right? I mean you have to meet someone, become friends (friendship), go out on a date a couple of times before hitting it off. Sometimes, it works and sometimes it may not work.

Being in a relationship with someone, you most certainly know it comes with some rules. These rules weren’t really made by the government or anybody. It is just the norm and when you fail to follow the rules then you know you are in trouble.

Sometimes, it is not always easy to stay in a relationship or marriage for some reasons. Even the thought of it alone is not appealing. If you ask majority of the married people in your vicinity or state, they will tell you there are times they have thought of leaving their spouses and marrying someone else but something made them stay. Their children or the love they had for each other.

There are many other reasons that will make you want to say these words, “I am thinking of having an affair”. trust me, a lot of people feel stuck in a marriage because the love they once had for their spouse isn’t there anymore. That makes them want to have another affair outside but discreet because of their children or the thought of hurting their spouses. Both men and women are faced with this issue.

Come to think of it, what are the issues that could make one think like this? When you were about getting married, everything was so exciting. The love was very strong; it was as if they meant for each other such that they could not do without each other. Saying their vows at the altar with love in the atmosphere and everyone around wanting to have the kind of love they had for each other. What really went wrong?

Change is one of the excuses married people give when they start having an affair outside. They say their spouses have changed a lot. They were different from when they just got married. Well, it might be true, but do you know change is the only thing that is constant. No one stays the same forever. Change is bound to happen but the question is, “are you ready to accommodate change for the love?”

Commitment comes with a lot of sacrifice. When you see your spouse was changing, what did you do? There might be some certain reasons why the change occurred. For instance, I had some friends who got married and sometime into the marriage they started having issues. The wife decided to pack out because she claims the husband had changed. The first thing I asked her was that, “did you ask him what he was passing through?” I discovered later from the husband that he was having issues at work and he was getting broke. When they actually talked about it, they were fine and back to living their love lives.

Another reason people think of having an affair is because they are getting what they want in the relationship and they seek for that particular want elsewhere. I think, sometimes, people make that mistake before they get married. Consider what you want before getting married to a lady. Don’t get married and start imposing what you want on them. It won’t work!

However, there many other reasons but these are main reasons under which other reasons fall. Stay in communication with your spouse and there just might be a solution to your problems.